Please Contact

Immediate notice of illness or injury must be given to both the claims adjuster listed and to Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

Taylor, Harris Insurance Services
during business hours Mon.–Fri., 9:00 – 5:00 EST
1 (800) 291-4774

International Number:
1 (540) 253-7779
(If outside of US you may need to dial country code – 001)

After Hours, please contact Janet Jolliff:
1 (540) 718-7459

Policy Begins With…

If your policy number begins with “GSNIC”
Underwritten by GSNIC – Independent Adjusters
1 (888) 523-5878

If your policy number begins with “UST”
Underwritten by AXA XL – Equine Claims
1 (859) 260-2820

If your policy number begins with “AMP”
Underwritten by Great American – Equine Claims
1 (800) 331-0211

Take These Steps

Contact your veterinarian immediately.

Report emergency or loss immediately.

In case of death, a necropsy and postmortem examination at the owner’s expense must be obtained. Do not dispose of the horse until adjuster approves.

Call the police in case of a theft, shooting, or vehicular involvement and obtain a police report, which is required.

Permission must be obtained to euthanize an insured animal. In extreme emergency situations, consent to euthanize is not required if it is not possible to report at the time and an attending veterinarian states that immediate euthanasia is necessary to prevent inhumane suffering.

In the event of emergency surgery (necessary to save the life of an animal,) and there is not sufficient time to call the claims adjuster or agent, permission is not necessary. In this event, notice within a reasonable period of time is required.