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Whether your needs are straightforward or complex, for one horse or many, we want to work with you to make sure you are equipped with the insurance coverage that’s right for you. THIS places all policies with the highest rated and most secure insurance carriers, which are also selected for their prompt and reliable claims settlement. Here is a list of the coverages that are available through THIS.

Full Mortality – Base Plan

Full Mortality insurance provides coverage for the death of your horse from any cause including injury, illness, disease and poison, as well as theft. Rates vary according to the horse’s age, use and value. This is the base plan.

Major Medical
& Surgical

There are many options available for Major Medical and Surgical Insurance with varying premiums, which are dependent on the scope of coverage.

Guaranteed Renewal Endorsement

Mortality insurance cannot be denied upon renewal of a policy for a condition that has manifested itself and has been reported in the expiring policy period and the horse is 15 years old or younger.

Equine Transit Insurance

Provides coverage for international equine transit.

Insurance Coverage

THIS is able to offer 30-day mortality only coverage with the requisite paperwork and agreements. International transit coverage may be added as needed.

Loss of Use

Loss of Use can be added by endorsement onto a Mortality Policy. It will pay a percentage of the mortality sum insured if your horse is rendered permanently disabled but does not require destruction.

Expected Foal Insurance

Insures a mare’s pregnancy and foaling effective at 42 days after a mare’s last cover date. Rates vary according to age and foaling record.

Guaranteed Live Foal Insurance

Insures a mare’s conception, pregnancy and foaling, incepting at the mare’s first cover date. Rates vary according to age, foaling record and value.

Stallion Permanent Infertility due to Sickness, Accident or Disease

Insures a stallion against becoming permanently infertile as a result of any accident, sickness or disease. Rates vary depending on coverage and limits.

Stallion First Season Congenital Infertility Insurance

This endorsement provides coverage for a stallion standing his first season at stud and pays in the event that he proves to be congenitally infertile. The insurance is subject to various conditions.

Fire, Lightning & Risks in Transit Insurance

This coverage provides insurance for death from fire, lightning and transportation.